December Deals Exclusively for Dukes Membership Holders

3rd December - Steak & Wine

£20.00 pp

Sirloin Steak, Fries, Slow Roast Tomato, Flat Cap Mushroom with 175ml Glass of Stellar Running Duck Shiraz

7th December - Tempura Prawns & Prosecco 

£15.00 pp

Salad Garnish, with 125ml glass of Prosecco

16th December - 20% off the Menu

28th December - Pie and a Pint

£12.00 pp

Pint or Ale of Beer of the Month (or pint of Lemonade, Pepsi/Diet Pepsi)

Wine & Beer of the Month

The Wine of the Month for December we will go with Stella Running Duck Shiraz, South Africa - £18.50 per bottle (discounted from £24.00 per bottle)

South Africa

A mid bodied red wine soft & spicy with plenty of berry fruits & white pepper on the finish

Our local brew from the Black Pit Brewery, Goshawk Amber Ale  4.4% ABV, brewed between Silverstone & Stowe - £3.50 per pint. (discounted from £3.95 per pint).

Goshawk is a good, honest 'English' pub beer. Rich, smooth and elegant on the palate, Goshawk draws to a clean, satisfying finish with beautifully balanced bitterness.

A Chestnut Brown Bitter which is dark and earthy, broad and brooding.   A real block-buster built on a solid platform of earthy hops and dark chocolatey roasted grains.  There are undertones of light caramel and burnt orange marmalade.  Malty, mysterious and muscular -  Goshawk is a big mouthful, chewy, savoury and immensely satisfying.

Why the name Goshawk? T. H. White, author of 'The Sword in the Stone', lived at Blackpit Farm whilst teaching at Stowe School. He also wrote 'The Goshawk' - an account of his attempt to train a northern Goshawk using traditional falconry techniques. With a story like that, why wouldn't you use the name?!