What Are Wedding Favours? [EXPLAINED] & More!

Wedding favour box

A wedding favour serves as a small token of appreciation from the newlyweds to their guests. These gifts can vary from sweet treats to personalised memorabilia.

Being a popular wedding venue, at Villiers Hotel we've seen it all. Read on as we delve into everything you need to know about wedding favours, including inspiration and FAQs.

Are Wedding Favours Necessary?

When planning your wedding remember that nothing is obligatory!

You have the freedom to decide whether or not to include wedding favours based on your personal preferences and budget. 

As mentioned, the purpose of wedding favours often serve as keepsakes allowing wedding guests to cherish memories of your special day. Ultimately the decision to include them is yours.

Personalised cookie keepsakes a nice wedding favour for guests

5 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

If you decide to give out wedding favours on your special day, we've compiled a list of ideas that we hope you find inspiring! 

1. Traditional Sugared Almonds

Across many European countries it's a tradition (particularly in Italy) to offer sugared almonds as wedding favours.

Typically, five almonds are given symbolising wishes for health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

These almonds are available in various colours and serve as keepsakes that guests can either consume or preserve.

2. Edible Favours

For foodie couples why not opt for an edible small gift for your guests? From chocolates and cookies to mini alcoholic beverages, the choices are limitless. 

You can also get a supplier to personalise your packaging or decorate your goodies for an added touch of uniqueness.

3. Personalised Keepsakes

From mini candle holders with you and your partner's initials to a keepsake plaque, these are gifts your wedding party can cherish for a lifetime.

These thoughtful mementos not only express gratitude but also serve as a nice touch to your big day.

4. Themed Wedding Favours

Are you planning a themed wedding? If you're hosting a summer celebration with a tropical theme it might be nice to choose wedding favours that complement the vibe.

Consider incorporating elements like beautiful fans or personalised cocktail glasses which would stay true to the theme.

5. DIY Wedding Favours

Get creative and craft your own wedding favours! From homemade cake pops to personalised thank-you notes for each guest, this can be a great way to show appreciation. 

Plus, DIY favours can often be more budget-friendly than sourcing from suppliers.

Personalised wedding favour box containing sweets for wedding guests


We hope you enjoyed reading our article on "What Are Wedding Favours?".

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To: What Are Wedding Favours?

Q: What is the point of wedding favours?
A: Wedding favours are a great way for the bride and groom to say thank you to guests attending the wedding.

Q: What is a traditional wedding favour?
A: Sugared almonds are a popular wedding favour in many European countries. 

Q: Can I skip wedding favours?
A: Of course! Handing out favours is not obligatory.