Twixmas Meaning: From Old Traditions to Modern Trends

What Is Twixmas Exactly? Read On To Find Out!

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Twixmas is that cosy interval nestled between Christmas and New Year's Day, spanning from December 26th to December 31st.

It's the breather many of us crave after the whirlwind of Christmas festivities, offering a moment of respite before we usher in the new year. But here's a thought: when did "Twixmas" become a buzzword? What is the Twixmas Meaning? and Who coined this catchy term?

Join us on this festive journey as we trace the roots of Twixmas, unravel its history, and shed light on its significance.


Often also dubbed the "festive gap", Twixmas is that serene pause between Christmas and New Year. It's the universe's way of saying, "Take a break!" before the next round of celebrations kick off.

While "Twixmas" might sound modern, the essence of this period is ancient. Picture medieval times, where post-Christmas festivities stretched for days, allowing commoners to rest, reminisce, and revel with family.

Fast forward to the 1800s, and this interval became a social hotspot for the elite, marked by parties, outings, and shopping sprees. But today, in our fast-paced world, Twixmas has circled back to its roots, symbolising relaxation and fmaily traditions.

Twixmas Meaning featuring a woman relaxing after Christmas


"Twixmas" might sound like it's straight out of a fairy tale, but is it legit? While it hasn't graced the pages of Oxford or Merriam-Websters dictionaries, it's still managed to make it's mark having found metion in a nu,ber of other online word smith repositories.

The word Twixmas itself likely traces its origins back to the Old English word of 'betwixt', which literally translates to "between". Makes sense now doesn't it? Anyway, you be the judge as to whether you believe it an actual word, but one things for sure, it's definitely used widely in todays society!

The word itself is what is known in literary circles as a "Portmanteau" which is basiclaly a mix of two different words to form a new word. Think words like SMOG - a combination of smoke and fog as an example.


Twixmas might be the talk of the town now, but as we know its origins remains somewhat hazy and a little shrouded in mystery. So while no single individual can claim its invention, its essence certainly resonates with age-old traditions.

Some whisper it's a marketer's brainchild but is ther any evidence to this? Zilch! So, whether you're a homebody, a nature enthusiast, or a hobbyist, Twixmas is your ticket to tranquility amidst the festive frenzy.


Twixmas is synonymous with quality time, relaxation, and recharging. It's the universe's way of saying, "Take a break!" from the festive frenzy.

Unwind and Disconnect
Not from people as Twixmas is all about self-care. But certainly from your professional responsibilities on what is hopefull a hiatus from work and the daily grind. This is a time to rejuvenate and gear up for the year ahead.

Twixmas Activity Suggestions
From nature walks, binge-watching festive movies, diving into books, playing board games, to visiting loved ones, Twixmas is what you make of it. Some even indulge in post-Christmas sales or local festivities. The key? Do what makes your heart sing!


Twixmas isn't just a festive term; it's a goldmine for businesses, and here's a bit of a peek into its commercial side:

Twixmas Use For Marketing & Promotions:
Retailers and tourism giants leverage Twixmas, rolling out irresistible deals and packages. Imagine the allure of post-Christmas sales or the promise of a Twixmas getaway! We've all been suckered onto thos Boxing Day Sales before haven't we? This is a typical Twixmas Marketing ploy!

Twixmas Breaks & Holidays
Yearning for a mini-vacation post-Christmas? Twixmas breaks are all the rage, especially with families. It's the perfect antidote to festive fatigue, with hotels and resorts crafting bespoke packages for weary souls. A Twixmas break is often combined with a staycation as there is usually less travel involved in enjoying a Twixmas Holiday.

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Twixmas is your passport to peace. It's a time to reflect, set intentions, and gear up for the adventures that lie ahead. So, this Twixmas, embrace the calm, prioritise self-care, and hit the refresh button.


So, there you have it! We've demystified Twixmas for you. It's that delightful lull post-Christmas, a time to recharge and revel in the present. So, this year, instead of diving headfirst into New Year preparations, why not savour the serenity Twixmas offers?

Cheers to Twixmas and to cheers to new beginnings!


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Q: Why Do They Call It Twixmas?
A: It's a nod to the period "between" Christmas and New Year, echoing the ancient term "betwixt".

Q: What Do People Do During Twixmas?
A: It's all about personal joys! Whether it's relaxation, hobbies, or spending time with loved ones, Twixmas is a free canvas.

Q: Are Twixmas Hotel Breaks Popular In The UK?
A: Absolutely! Twixmas breaks have soared in popularity, with gems like Villiers hotel in Buckighamshire offering enticing Twixmas Break Packages.

Q: Is Twixmas a global phenomenon?
A: While the term might be more prevalent in certain regions, the essence of a post-Christmas break is universal.

Q: How can I make the most of Twixmas?
A: Listen to your heart! Whether it's relaxation, hobbies, or spending time with loved ones, Twixmas is all about personal joys.