Why is it called a Wedding Breakfast?

The History and Meaning Behind the Term “Wedding Breakfast”

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Wedding Breakfast Meaning

Despite its name, in modern days the wedding breakfast doesn’t take place in the morning. 

The term comes from the 17th century when weddings were often part of a religious Mass. Couples would fast before the service and the meal after the ceremony broke their fast. 

Even though it may not appear so at first this term still holds significance today. The breakfast is the first meal you have after the ceremony and marks your first meal as a married couple. 

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What is a Wedding Breakfast in the UK?

In the UK the term "wedding breakfast" is still commonly used. 

Typically, it's a sit-down meal with three courses or a buffet. Alternatively, some couples might choose a hog roast or BBQ instead. 

At the wedding breakfast the newlyweds and guests all sit together after the ceremony which is followed by the speeches.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to: Why is it called a Wedding Breakfast?

Q: What is the difference between wedding breakfast and wedding reception?
A: The reception is the entire post-ceremony celebration which often includes drinks, dinner, and dancing. The wedding breakfast is the main meal of the day.

Q: What is a UK wedding breakfast?
A: Usually, wedding breakfasts have a sit-down meal with three courses or a buffet. After the ceremony the newlyweds and guests all sit down together for the wedding breakfast which is also when speeches happen.

Q: Who to invite to wedding breakfast?
A: Usually the Wedding Breakfast includes close family and friends while the Evening event might have extended family, friends, and coworkers. Ultimately, it's the couple's choice who they want to invite.

Q: Do you play music during wedding breakfast?
A: The decision to have music during the wedding breakfast is in the couple's hands. Playing music that gradually gets more lively towards the end of the meal can help energise guests for dancing when the evening reception starts.

Q: Can you skip a wedding breakfast?
A: A growing number of couples are changing their approach to the typical 3-course sit down wedding breakfast. They're getting married later in the afternoon and opting for a buffet-style meal in the evening instead.

Q: What is a Wedding Breakfast Menu?
A: To keep it simple, a wedding breakfast is a meal for the newlyweds and their guests after the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, it's a three-course meal but nowadays couples might choose catering options like afternoon tea, tapas, or buffets for their wedding breakfast menu.

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