Speed, Skill & Spectacle | British Superbikes Championship at Silverstone!

The Ultimate Showdown at Silverstone's British Superbikes Championship

British Superbikes Championship at Silverstone, Northampton

The British Superbikes Championship is renowned for its dramatic and close racing. British Superbike fans from across the UK travel alongside the series to watch the races at the various different circuits about the country. This 2023 British Superbike Championship will mark the 36th season which is incredible for British Motor Racing history.

In this article we briefly cover the back story to the British Superbikes Championship at Silverstone, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the read.

The History of the British Superbikes Championship

The British Superbike Championships date back to 1971, when the first championship took place. The championships are an annual event and over time there has been multiple sponsors, including current sponsor, Bennetts. 

Popularity has grown massively for the British Superbike Championship, as generations of talented riders have competed and won titles year on year. 

The crowds at the circuits have also increased, along with the community of British Superbike fans, over the years.

What is a Superbike?

Superbikes are a derivative of manufactured motorcycles and sport bikes that you see on the road, and as the name suggests, superbikes are powerful and fast. In order for a bike to be eligible to participate in the championship there is a set criteria that the bike must adhere to. 

In the races you will spot many well-known manufacturers including, Honda, BMW, Yamaha, Ducati and Kawaski.


British Superbikes Championship at Silverstone racetrack


How Does The British Superbikes Championship Schedule Work?

The Superbike Championships takes places across a series of weekends at different motor racing circuits across the UK, including Silverstone. Over each weekend period, which is usually three days, there are multiple events and races.

Day one, is typically the day in which riders practice and get to know the track. Day two, you will begin to see some competitive racing through qualifiers and then the first BSB race, and finally on day three of the weekend, there is then two BSB races.

The races at the British Superbikes Championship tend to be around 30 minutes duration time each, and if needed a safety car is deployed to slow riders down and enable crashed bikes to be assisted, recovered and injured riders to receive medical care.

The day is also packed out with supporting races, which help to keep spectators excited, and adrenaline filled in the lead up to the main events!

Where Can I Watch The British Superbikes Championship?

The atmosphere at the circuits is an out of this world experience, therefore the best place to watch the races is in person, where you can get involved, cheer from the stands and be surrounded by other fans. 
The British Superbike Championship is also available to watch on Quest, Eurosport and Discovery+.

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