The Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship at Silverstone

Exciting Car Racing at Silverstone

British Touring Car Championship Silverstone

Silverstone is renowned for its spectacular hosting of British Motor Sporting events and this year there are a veritable plethora of motorsport events to be held at the venue.

The Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship (the BTCC) is coming again to Silverstone this September, and at Villiers Hotel (as motorsport lovers) we couldn't be more excited.

The BTCC is one of the most popular motorsport championships in the UK, and the Silverstone round is always one of the most eagerly anticipated races of the season.

The touring car racing this year at Silverstone will be on the National Circuit, which is perfect for touring cars, as it provides plenty of opportunities for overtaking. 

As always there will be plenty of support races on hand on what is sure to be a fabulous weekend of motorsport racing.

So, if you're a fan of can racing, then you won't want to miss the BTCC at Silverstone this year as seriously, this is a must-attend event for any fan of British racing. 

What is the British Touring Car Championship?

The Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship is an exhilarating annual racing series that showcases high-speed action across the UK. 

With its thrilling races held on diverse circuits spanning England and Scotland, including iconic tracks like here at Silverstone, the heart of British Motor Sport, this championship captivates motorsport enthusiasts with its adrenaline-fueled competitions. 

Motorsport enthusiasts will experience the thrill and excitement as skilled drivers push the limits, battling for glory in this prestigious car racing championship.

British Touring Car Championship History

The British Touring Car Championship History has been captivating motorsport enthusiasts since its inception in 1958 when it began as the British Saloon Car Championship.

In 1987, it was rebranded as The British Touring Car Championship, marking a new era for this thrilling racing series. 

Over the years, the championship has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, attracting an ever-growing fanbase.

One of the unique aspects that sets the British Touring Car Championship apart from other motor racing events is the choice of vehicles. 

Unlike traditional sports car championships like Formula 1, the drivers in the BTCC compete in road-modified cars, adding an extra layer of excitement and relatability for fans. 

Throughout its history, the championship has become synonymous with adrenaline-fueled racing, intense rivalries, and nail-biting moments. 

The trackside crowd figures have soared, reaching astounding numbers of up to 40,000 spectators, a testament to the enduring appeal of this thrilling motorsport event.

When are the British Touring Car races at Silverstone held?

The races at the Silverstone Circuit this year, will be held on the 23rd to 24th September 2023.

Throughout the weekend there will be family entertainment, access to the paddock, the opportunity to get up close to the drivers all whilst experiencing the thrill of the racing!

Basically, there is loads to enjoy here and even if you’re not a car racing fan, there is plenty to keep you occupied on what is always a FUN weekend.

Make It A Weekend Trip!

Silverstone is the home of British Motor Racing and therefore there is so much to explore! 

Whilst visiting for the British Touring Car Championships, why not take your own tour around their Interactive Museum, to discover the history and science behind it all. 

In the immediate area – if interested – there are loads of other local attractions including the National Trust Stowe property, Bletchley Park, Bicester Village and much more!

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